kayleen ॐ
doing all the yoga
running all the miles
eating all the food


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name: kayleen
age: 24
height: 5'3
HW: 250+
SW: 216.8 [August 24, 2012]
CW: 175 [4/15/13]
GW: 199 :D!
GW: 185 YES!
GW: 175 Woo!
GW: 170
UGW: 145

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I’m a squat twat


I am Tom Haverford.

eh i put the book down and did an hour of yoga…

also… Photo Booth does this fun thing where photos get stored by date… had to find this one in a pile of old photos from last year around this time

so, brb while I go cry about all he progress I fucked up

reading in a sports bra is like working out right ?

I need some workout commands or I’m just gonna read a book and eat when I’m bored


heck yea I did

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Once again I made this because Chris Pratt is my life right now. I just love him so much

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If it was meant to last, it would have.
Red (Orange Is The New Black)

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Pierce Brosnan is on tonight’s show! 



and beer

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