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doing all the yoga
running all the miles
eating all the food


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name: kayleen
age: 24
height: 5'3
HW: 250+
SW: 216.8 [August 24, 2012]
CW: 175 [4/15/13]
GW: 199 :D!
GW: 185 YES!
GW: 175 Woo!
GW: 170
UGW: 145

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Not even kidding—this is post 30 Day Shred—Level 2—Day 2


&& my video kept freezing so I had to repeat push ups AND chair squat/v raises. LORD HELP ME

  1. gina145 said: But you did it!!! :D I never understood how level 2 was harder than level 3 :/
  2. kay-teenie posted this